Hi, my name is Ruen, and welcome to my life story. To you I might seem like an average guy in his twenties, just trying to figure out his life. But to me, I have already lived many lifetimes, started over and over until I was able to reach my path. If you’re anything like me, you might be thinking “How do I find my path?”

I am someone who went from rock bottom to being in the sunlight for once, from feeling like a beat-up piñata to a spice it up state of mind. I dealt with pain, rejection, fear and uncertainty, and built myself believing I had my own purpose on this road.  We are all alike: we are holding a pen and we are writing. We are not what our parents write for us, We are not what our teachers or our friends write either. We are what we want to be and the only way to survive is writing page by page. We have to understand that we are here today, reading these words with our own minds and that the choice to believe in ourselves is totally ours: to be positive, grateful and energetic humans who have an impact, cause we are. 

If you believe the popular theory about generation Y, about the millennials, then you would adhere to the self-centered examples of narcissism, vanity and voyeurism then the world has given to us. But these are only ways to escape our harsh reality. Hate, prejudice, discrimination, and so many other things we have to face besides our personal problems. But do you know who ends up changing this?

People like you and me. People who were born into it but couldn’t fit anywhere in it. And so we create new molds, we write new rules, and we make it our playground. This life as I am living it now, I wasn’t born into it but I keep on walking it. I keep walking on the road to Ruen. Hold on to your seats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Copyright 2021 Ruensito by Imajin8

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